The environmentally responsible choice in highly effective roach control.

A natural breakthrough in controlling cockroaches.
While highly toxic to insects, abamectin presents very little risk to mammals in the minute amounts found in Avert.

Avert represents a whole new class of insecticides, the avermectins. The active ingredient in Avert is abamectin, a mixture of two avermectins. This naturally derived compound was originally isolated from the soil microorganism Streptomyces avermitilis.

Why Avert is so effective?
Avert is a Crack & Crevice bait. That means you put it where it does the most good in and around harborages where roaches spend most of their time. Because it's placed out of reach of humans and pets, it isn't subject to mechanical removal. It remains toxic to roaches as long as there is product available.

Avert works both as a lethal internal toxicant and as a contact insecticide when roaches contact the deposit and preen themselves.

Avert offers long-lasting control, even against resistant populations.
Now you can get control of some of the toughest roach infestation problems you have. Avert's stable formula provides long-lasting protection. It offers total control of German cockroaches at least 12 weeks after treatment. Even resistant strains show no apparent resistance to Avert. In tests of multiresistant roaches known to be resistant to chlorinated hydrocarbon, organophosphate, carbamate and pyrethroid insecticides, Avert provided 100% mortality within six days the same as with non-resistant strains.

Roaches love Avert to Death.
What good is a bait if it can't attract roaches? Avert is so attractive to roaches that they can't resist it. In fact, in tests in which they were offered food and Avert simultaneously, they chose to feed on Avert. Field researchers report finding roaches lined up at Avert bait placements like "pigs at a trough."

But they don't overfeed. The active ingredient triggers feeding inhibition; roaches quickly eat a lethal dose and move on. So each bait placement lasts longer, killing more roaches.

How to apply Avert.
Avert's unique applicator makes it easy to use. Each applicator contains approximately 200 bait placements. You just place your thumb on the dot on the tube and squeeze lightly.

As with all baits, Avert doesn't produce immediate knockdown. It may take as long as five to seven days to achieve 100% kill. But no bait is faster or more effective than Avert.

The amount to be applied varies with the site. For light infestations, a minimum of 4-6 bait points per 100 square feet is recommended. For heavy infestations, use 12-24 bait points for the same area. Be sure to apply enough bait placements and product.

Why Avert is the environmentally responsible choice in roach control.
People are becoming more aware of environmental issues. In the field of pest control, there is increasing pressure to use safer methods and environmentally responsible materials. At the same time, people don't want to give up effective control.

Avert is perfectly suited to meet these demands. Because it's a Crack & Crevice product, you place it out of reach of people and pets, greatly reducing contact risks. And because of its molecular weight, it stays where you put it.

AVERT just $339.95
for enough to do 20 kitchens!
You'll have to share it with your friends, neighbors and relatives!

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